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Check out some of the new clubs and features at Ioffer below.

Cool Tools for iOffer & HTML Help

Here you will find a list of the many tools created for iOffer to help make your sales grow. In addition you can discuss HTML,ad listings and basic website questions. This is the place to go for help to make that killer ad or to learn more about how to do that, plus free tools to help your listings, even a free want ad site!

List of Free tools Provided by Apex Posted: Nov 05, 2004 04:43 AM Here is a List of Downloadable Tools: Click Here

This list is the current online tools:Click Here Current Tools

Apex-Auctions Visit my "ME" page for free iOffer Software Free iOffer Desktop software Free iOffer Desktop software

Free Online iOffer software

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This is a great club on Ioffer from Apex-Auctions with safe to download tools and great help with everything from putting in a background to how to center your pictures. Need to know? Go to the Cool Tools for iOffer & HTML Help and find out !

Here is a great place to chase down those elusive recipes and cooking techniques:

THE COOKING CLUB - Recipes and Advice

This is the official link (Club) from the Lighter side recipes. Thank you for being a part of the newest and most current online cookbook anywhere you will find. People are as different as cookbooks on the bookshelf. Our special Ioffer Family will have the pleasure at any moment in time to view and post or print a recipe at any given moment. This Club combines all of your cookbooks, bits of information gathered over the years and all of the up to date cooking trends. Rarely will you see a cook book designed to combine with an on going weight loss, healthy eating or change of eating lifestyle group. CLUB NAME: Healthy Diet & Exercise & Recipe support Group

Some tips in time for those holiday woes in the kitchen...

Here is an example from the "Fact or Fiction" thread:

TRUE OR FALSE? You can keep baking soda and baking powder forever.

ANSWER: True and false. Baking soda will live to see your four-year-old get married. Baking powder has a shelf life of about a year. What is the difference? Both are leavening agents, but baking powder contains an acid that allows it to react in recipes as soon as it gets wet, giving off the carbon dioxide that makes a cake rise. Baking soda has no acid; it relies on acids in the batter to activate it. If baking powder gets wet or is stored in a humid environment, its potency is diminished. To find out if your baking powder is still good, put some in a glass of water. If it bubbles, bake away. If not, head to the store.

TRUE OR FALSE? Using shortening instead of butter produces fluffier cookies.

ANSWER: True. Butter has water in it, and water means a thinner dough, which means a flatter cookie. Shortening (Crisco is one brand) contains no water, so it produces a cookie that stands taller than one made with only butter. The trade-off is flavor, adding that even if a recipe calls for shortening alone, for more tasty results you can use half butter, half shortening.To make all-butter cookies fluffy is to beat the butter-and-sugar mixture longer (5 minutes instead of 2) to whip in more air.

Great recipes that are tried and true ( and gleefully eaten by many of our families and friends!) are also in many of the threads here. Just in time for the holiday season, too!

BookSellers Club-What's hot, what's not!

Check out the latest trends in selling books and even How to tell the difference between a first edition and a first printing!

The club founder terri nc, started out as a bookseller on-line, then found I had other selling interests (glassware/pottery). However, her heart is still with selling books. Terri nc loves just to look at them on her shelves. Is that crazy or what? So, who are the hot sellers authors right now, deadwood, books to look for.....

There are a lot of good solid informational threads offered here , this is but 1 example:

How to Describe Your BOOKS Posted: Nov 21, 2004 12:21 PM

Here are the most common codes:

AN - As New. This is blindingly perfect. Almost never happens. Most books don't actually make it into a new bookstore in this condition.

F - Fine. Sorta normal perfect. No flaws of any kind. No, not even teeny ones.

NF - Near Fine. Well, ok, maybe real teeny flaws here. Like the gloss on the dust jacket is a bit off.

VG - Very Good. Pretty darned nice. Might have one or two very small flaws. A bit of rubbing on the jacket. Light shelfwear maybe. But nothing that would actually qualify as a major defect.

G - Good. A nice solid copy. This is what you would normally expect in a secondhand book. Might have a few defects, but certainly nothing missing, no severe problems.

Need to know what books sell well? Collectible? What to look for, or what authors? What everyone is reading this season?
You'll find it here, or ask and you'll get the answers!

The Bag Hag

The Bag Hag Club is dedicated to bringing together women of all ages who have a passion or are just curious to find out more about the buying, selling & the trading of handbags. Share experience, discuss topics, view pics & get advice on everything handbags. Here you will discover a wealth of resources from tips on how to purchase an authentic designer handbag, to how to re-sell it & everything else in between!

Our goal here is to create a fun atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to share their thoughts & concerns or just shoot the breeze. All I ask from every member is to treat each other with respect. Therefore there is no profanity, scamming, harassment or spamming allowed. So pick out a chaise lounge to get comfortable in, grab something to drink & have fun!

Truly amazing things about the handbag passion! How to spot those fakes, fix damages to vintage purses, storage for purses and so much more, all offered up with a dose of humour and style! The club may be called the Bag Hag, but these folks know their stuff!

Here is a peek at two of the threads:

Glorious Restoration ~ Fix A Bag How To's Posted: Nov 05, 2004 07:13 AM Share your helpful solutions, tips, tricks & how to's on how to "Fix A Bag" & help restore it back to it's glory! Check the club for how to un=crumple and restore your favorite vintage bag safely

Leather & Suede Storage & Care:

Basic tips for your leather goods.

1. Leather breaths, so allowing the leather to breath is what keeps it soft & supple so when storing your bag, keep it in its dust bag or use a pillow case. This will help protect it from dust & scratches when not in use. Always stuff your bags so it will retain its shape during storage. You can use tissue paper, old t-shirts, hand towels; anything that is 100% natural, like cotton and if possible, unhook all straps & locks when not in use to avoid indentations in the leather.

2. Never store leather in plastic bags or plastic bins, regardless if you use moisture repellents (not recommended, retains moisture & could leak & stain) or near moth balls (it can cause the canvas to crack prematurely) or potpourri/scent satchels (oils can leak through). This will also cause excessive drying & will attract mold & mildew, especially if you are in a warm humid climate. Humidity does great damage to leather in the form of peeling, cracking, & mildew. Try to store them in a cool, ventilated & dry place. Cedar chips, disks, etc. can be used for odor but never let them come into direct contact with the leather.

*NOTE* The above applies for your leather clothing as well. Never use those hanging plastic garment covers to store your leather clothing. Better to use the covers made out of cloth & if you don??????t have one on hand, just make one out of an old bed sheet & drape it over the hangers. It will protect them from dust & will not attract the mold & mildew that plastic will. Always use sturdy hangers to retain the shape of the clothing. If you use the pinch - clip type hanger for your skirts or pants, use with fabric to protect between the hanger & the garment like a bumper. If you don??????t it will leave a horrible dents in the leather & will take quite a while to iron out.